Winamp Goes 3D

Winamp Goes 3D 1.51

Winamp Goes 3D is a 3D visualization plugin for Winamp
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LEXITY Software & Consulting

Winamp already comes preinstalled with a visualization engine of its own. But here is a visualization engine by LEXITY Software & Consulting that will give a close competition to Winamp's inbuilt visualizer - Winamp Goes 3D. It is an OpenGL based visualization plug-in for Winamp. It is the most feature rich and most customizable Winamp Visualization plugin. You can customize it to the extreme. It has some advanced features like 32-bit texturing, different oscilloscope rendering modes, motion blur, stroboscope, dynamic texture update of 3D Winamp, mixing 3D Winamp with models, mapping Winamp 3D arbitrarily on any surface, like on a sphere, torus, cone etc. You can also download and add your own backgrounds and models. After installation this plugin is automatically detected by Winamp working on Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you messed up with your setting, there is also an option of resetting it back to the default. A must have plugin, if you use Winamp as your media player.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Feature rich
  • Ability to download and add your own backgrounds and models


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